Cross Slide Drive

Motor Mount

I made this from a closed piece of 60x30mm rectangular steel tube 100mm long. There was no access to the belt tension adjusting screws so I hacksawed the front off it and cleaned up the edges. A better plan would be to enlarge or ovalise the NEMA 23 motor alignment bore,and make the motor mount bolt holes longer, adjusting belt length here. Then the tube could be left closed, so you don't have to make a belt cover later.

Due to the size, this part could not be held in the four jaw for the boring of the various holes. It got bolted to a face plate for boring the 38mm motor alignment bore and the 12mm leadscrew hole. Once the motor alignment hole was done, I used an old 1A nema 23 single stack motor as a drill jig, drilling with the Black and Decker electric drill though the four bolt flange.

The four long holes were just drilled by hand (after center punching), and then lengthened with a needle file.